Colored Contact Lenses in Chicago Let You to Change Your Eye Color

If you want to change your eye color, then colored contact lenses can make this possible. The contacts are available in both plans and prescription forms. The plane contacts are worn purely for cosmetic reasons. They are simply designed to change the color of your eyes, and nothing more.

Prescription Contact Lenses

Prescription colored contact lenses in Chicago, such as those featured by the Tropical Optical Corp, correct hyperopia (farsightedness), myopia (nearsightedness), or an astigmatism. They correct your vision and enhance your eye color at the same time.

How the Contacts Are Made

Most colored contacts are made to replicate the look of the colored part of the eye or the iris. Since the iris is comprised of colorful lines and shapes, colored contact lenses are designed to feature a series of very small colored dots and radially arranged shapes and lines. This arrangement creates a more natural look. The center of the lens, which lies on the pupil, is made to be transparent so the wearer can see.

Types of Lenses

Colored contact lenses are available in three types of tints. A visibility tint is typically a green tint or light blue hue that is added to the lens. Visibility tints are rather faint and do not impact the eye color. An enhancement tint, on the other hand, is a solid but translucent tint that is somewhat darker than a visibility tint. This particular lens is especially designed to enhance the color of the eye. These types of contacts are recommended for people with light-colored eyes who want to make the hue of the eye more intense.

An opaque tint is also available. This type of colored contact changes the eye color completely. If your eyes are dark, you need this type of lens to change the eye color. Opaque lenses come in various colors, including green, hazel, blue, amethyst, violet, gray, and brown.

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