Cleaning Hardwood Flooring in Longmont CO

The type of hardwood floor in a home determines the type of floor cleaner the homeowner uses. It’s important to choose the right floor cleaner; using the wrong type can permanently damage the floor. If a homeowner is unsure what type of floor is in the home, there are ways to test it, but an flooring installer’s advice is the best option.

To test Hardwood Flooring in Longmont CO, find a hidden spot in the corner. Apply a few drops of water, and check it in a few minutes. If white spots appear under the water drops, the floor has a wax finish. If no white spots are present, the floor has a surface finish. For certainty, gently scratch the surface of the floor with a coin or another object. If no scratch marks are left, the floor has a surface finish. Read on to learn which cleaners are best for surface and wax finishes.

The Best Cleaners for Hardwood Floors With Wax Finishes

To clean a hardwood floor with a wax finish, vacuum and dust mop it at least once per week. To keep the floor’s shine, it can be buffed periodically. However, if buffing is insufficient to keep the floor lustrous, it’s time for a waxing. Before the floor is waxed, ensure that it’s clean by scouring it with a cleaner specifically made for that type of wood. When the floor is dry, spread the wax evenly across the entire surface and buff when dry. Most hardwood floors only need to be waxed every six months.

The Right Cleaners for Hardwood Floors With Surface Finishes

Hardwood floors should be vacuumed and swept regularly. Never apply flooring wax to a hardwood floor with a surface finish. Rather, use a special hardwood floor cleaner, such as those made by Bona or another well-known company, for removal of stubborn stains and smudges. Depending on the level of traffic on the home’s hardwood flooring, the finish may need to be reapplied every month or so.

Hardwood Flooring in Longmont CO can add a unique look to any home, and when installed correctly, it can last for many years. Proper care and maintenance are required to keep the floor looking its best, and there are certain steps to take when cleaning a floor. By choosing the right cleaner for the home’s floor, the home-owner can keep it looking great for years to come.

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