Cleaning Epoxy Flooring: Tips For Nebraska Commercial Buildings

A professionally installed epoxy floor in a Nebraska commercial building, including a showroom, retail outlet or any type of industrial use facility will stand up to an amazing amount of wear, tear, and daily traffic.

This is one of the reasons why epoxy flooring is the go-to flooring for many stores, retail outlets, industrial buildings, warehouses and even garages and production facilities. Despite its great look and durability, epoxy is one of the easiest floors to maintain, even in these heavy use types of buildings.

To understand just how easy epoxy flooring will be to maintain, here are the basic recommendations which will be provided by the company when the flooring is installed.

Dry Mopping or Sweeping

As needed, dry mopping with a microfiber mop is a simple and effective way to keep dust and debris off of the surface of the floor. Depending on the traffic and the location of the floor, this can be done once a day or less frequently. For example, a lobby area of a building may need daily mopping while a storeroom may only need mopping or sweeping once a month.


For garages and other similar locations, epoxy flooring can be cleaned by hosing down the area and then using a squeegee to remove the excess water. Allow to dry completely before using the floor to maintain the natural shine.

Indoor locations can be cleaned, as needed, with a wet mop and a pH neutral cleaning solution. The installers will recommend a product that will not leave a residue on the surface. In heavy traffic areas or when there are spills and heavy buildup, a foam mop can be used. Do not use abrasive cleaners or anything which will scrape or scratch the floor surface.

The limited cleaning and maintenance of this flooring option for Nebraska commercial buildings make it an ideal solution for any location.

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