Choosing Travertine Tile in Folsom CA

Travertine is a stone that’s frequently used in tiles for bathrooms, kitchens and foyers. It’s prized for its durability, and can even be used on outdoor tiling projects. Homeowners considering travertine tile in Folsom CA should learn about the various sub-types, as well as travertine’s pros and cons. Below are some factors that can affect the overall cost of a tiling job.


The kind of travertine being bought can largely determine the cost of a job. For instance, when a tile is bought individually, costs are higher than if the travertine was bought in bulk. Furthermore, sealing travertine tile can cost hundreds of dollars because most installers charge on a square-foot basis. Finish is another factor that can influence a project’s cost; there are many finishes available, including:

1. Honed
2. Brushed
3. Polished
4. Natural
5. Tumbled

Natural Travertine Tile in Folsom CA is the least costly, but brushed, tumbled or honed tile can cost much more. The latter types of travertine can cost up to $30/sq. ft., depending on stone quality. Natural travertine can be a good choice for the cost-conscious, but the homeowner should consider the material’s lack of resistance to damage and staining.


Travertine has unique properties, and no two tiles are the same. Cuts can look drastically different, and it can be hard to find tiles that match one another in color and texture. The kind of tile that’s right for a homeowner may depend on their budget and their personal taste. Travertine can be bought in tiles or in slabs; tiles are more expensive upfront, but slabs require additional tools and labor.

Travertine Tile Advantages

When getting tile installed, homeowners should weigh the benefits and disadvantages while considering their needs and budget. Travertine is very durable, and it’s relatively low-maintenance. It has an appearance all its own, and the look cannot easily be duplicated. Its unique look makes travertine a good way to add to a home’s resale value.


There are certain drawbacks that come with travertine tile installation. Cost is a primary concern; this type of tile is fairly costly. In some cases, travertine tile can be double the cost of other types of flooring. Tiles can be slick, making them dangerous to walk on when wet. Check Out website for help in making the right choice for the home and family.

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