Choosing The Right Company For Custom Aluminum Extrusions

While many parts or components can be made from stock types of aluminum extrusions, there are always those components that simply are a prototype and necessitate being formed through custom aluminum extrusions.

When this is the case for any project, taking the time to consider the options from manufacturers and providers of custom aluminum extrusions is always important. Custom extrusion is going to result in a slightly higher cost that using a standard shape or design, but it will not be as costly as other options of fabricating the shape required.

Today, even very complex shapes with multiple shapes and components are possible through the process of custom extrusion. These elaborate and intricate shapes can be used in specialty construction, fabrication, retrofit projects and even in prototype development of components and systems.

Aluminum Specialists

When considering a provider for custom aluminum extrusions, choose an aluminum specialist. There are some companies that sell a variety of metals and alloys and also provide aluminum, but these companies often don’t have the network or the ability to provide top of the line custom extrusions.

Using a specialist will not only ensure you have just the final product you want, but it will also ensure that you have the lowest possible cost on the job.

Years in Business

Having an extensive network of mills and aluminum extruders to work with is beneficial to you as the customer. When the company has these resources, often custom aluminum extrusions are much easier to design as there is a greater option in die sets available throughout the network.

This is important both in keeping the costs down as well as in speed in completing your project. With many years in business troubleshooting and design flaws are handled efficiently in-house, allowing your project to be completed on budget and on schedule.

Shipping and Delivery

Shipping costs and scheduling is always essential when ordering custom aluminum extrusions. By choosing a top company with a solid reputation in offering fair shipping prices and on-schedule delivery of the order you save time and stress.

Top companies are able to accurately anticipate the production of all custom aluminum extrusions, and to coordinate production with your specific delivery needs. There are even top companies offering this custom service operating on very short lead times, but it will be important to call around and confirm when production will be available for shipping.

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