Choosing The Ideal Beer Bottle Filler

For small to large sized breweries, having the correct equipment in place makes all the difference in production capability as well as process control. Each piece of equipment in the brewing process has to work with the quality control standards of the brewery as well as integrated into the production system as a whole.

With the ability to provide beer in bottles, cans or kegs, choosing the right equipment based on the needs of the specific filling requirements will be essential. Selecting the ideal beer bottle filler will maximize filling capabilities while also providing reliable, consist filling and crowing system.

There are several factors to consider when comparing different beer bottle filler models and options. Taking the time to consider both the expertise and experience of the manufacturing in beer production is one of the most important factors. Buying from a recognized leader in the industry ensures a system with real-world applications and the full guarantee of a product built to provide the quality filling you expect.

Speed of Filling

Depending on the current level of production and where you see the brewery in 5 or 10 years, the speed of filling will be a critical factor. There are beer bottle filler models with small footprints with the capacity to bottle up to 300 of the 12oz bottles per minute, with others designed to handle a more modest capacity of 50 bottles per minute.

Consider not just the immediate production volumes, but where the brewery will be in the next few years to choose the ideal capacity.

Ease of Operation

The best bottle filling systems have features such as variable speed operation, adjustable height options for different sizes of bottles as well as the ability to quickly change settings and control parts for various bottle shapes and sizes.

Low oxygen pick-up and vacuum assisted air pre-evacuation also are essential. Look for stainless steel for durability an easy cleaning and maintenance over the entire life cycle of the filler.

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