Choosing the Best Cabinet Doors for Your Kitchen

When you’re building a new home there are so many things to consider. Where to put lightbulbs and switches, how to properly space out rooms, the type of stove you want, and so on. One of the most important and sometimes overlooked aspects though, is the materials used to make certain parts of the house. Sure some materials are probably in the forefront of your mind such as the type of countertop you’d like in your kitchen, but other materials tend to fall to afterthought. The materials used to make your cabinet doors should always be in the forefront of your mind when deciding on materials because the quality of these will determine the longevity of your kitchen design. You may be deciding between wooden or one-piece MDF doors for your kitchen, so here’s a few things to consider in your decision.


Wooden doors can really be quite gorgeous. Their beautiful grain can add an element of class to a kitchen which is hard to achieve otherwise. However, MDF doors can be just as beautiful as they have many different designs which you can cater towards your particular kitchen aesthetics. While they may not have the grain, they offer a different type of aesthetic quality which can be equally as pleasing.


The main reason why many people choose to go with MDF doors over traditional wooden doors is humidity. Wooden doors tend to expand and contract from different levels of humidity which can cause the cabinet to get jammed or look off. MDF doors on the other hand do not. This can make MDF doors significantly less frustrating than wooden doors and can also save you from having to sand down or repair your cabinet doors frequently. Because you can never truly be in full control over the humidity in your kitchen, MDF doors can be a great choice to save you a headache.

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