Choosing Between Used and New Trucks in Manitowoc, WI

There are a number of factors to consider when deciding between a new or a used vehicle. Before buying new trucks in Manitowoc WI, it’s important to think about the different alternatives to make sure you’re making the right decision given your situation.


Used trucks tend to need more repairs and spend more time in the shop than new ones. People who need a particularly reliable truck might be better off looking into buying new trucks in Manitowoc WI. Some people can’t afford to have their truck in the shop for any more time than absolutely necessary. Buying a certified pre-owned truck may help to limit the risk of having to have a lot of costly repairs and may even mean that a warranty is included, for at least a short while, to help cover any potential issues that do arise.


The main drawback to purchasing a new truck is that it will quickly depreciate during the first couple years. This is a big issue for those people who like to regularly trade in their vehicles for new ones. People who are going to drive the truck for many years, or even until it no longer works, don’t have to worry about this quite as much since they aren’t planning on selling it anytime soon.


Used vehicles tend to be less costly than new vehicles, but in some cases, it may actually be less expensive to purchase certain new vehicles with the discounts and deals offered by dealerships. These types of deals are easiest to find if you’re not set on a particular make or model of truck or if you’re looking at the end of the year when dealerships are trying to get rid of older new cars to make room for the newer models. These deals may also make it possible to get a new vehicle without having a down payment on hand. With used vehicles, a trade-in or some type of down payment is necessary, and not everyone has the cash available. Used vehicles do tend to cost less to insure, however, than new vehicles.

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