Choosing and Using an Industrial Panel Mount PC

Panel mount PCs are manufactured to specific standards that allow for the robust wear and tear that occurs within industrial, corporate, military or marine based settings.  They are designed to maintain optimum functionality in settings that are subjected to dirt and dust particles, gas and chemical exposure, sudden movement and constant bump in and bump out of different locations.

Panel mount PCs made for industrial, corporate, military or marine based environments come in a range of configurations so that they are equipped to cater to the varying and specific demands of different operations and organizations. They offer advantages specific to these types of working and usage locations.

Selecting a Panel Mount PC

When selecting an industrial panel mount PC, you need to identify the configuration that is optimal for where it will be used. Industrial and military applications of this mounting technology typically require high-end components and computer configurations that can endure daily usage at higher than normal temperatures, and higher than normal computational resource usage.

These types of heavy-duty PCs are often used in the following areas:

  • In military intelligence where rugged components are a requirement
  • In graphic design where the convenience of a custom mounted PC translates to a more efficient working environment and more productivity
  • In industrial areas, such as factories, where the environment is harsh and where use is heavy and computationally demanding, particularly in graphic design and CAD work
  • On seagoing working vessels such as fishing yachts, where they are used primarily for the purposes of geo-location and plotting
  • On seagoing vessels where surveys and sea floor mapping is the primary purpose

The industrial panel mount PC is also often used in science-based research settings, including marine biology, and in field labs and research labs where a custom-fitted and heavy-duty PC is essential to experimental data analysis.

The mounts for these PCs and peripherals come in a wide range of sizes and with a wide range of qualities and characteristics, including:

  • Touch screen capacitive and resistive types
  • High contrast monitors that are viewable in the sun or under bright lighting
  • Dust and water-proof models that are ideal for science and military applications

Choosing the Right Rugged PC for Your Requirements

These days there are a wide range of industrial monitors, frames and PC components and accessories available online in specialist technology stores. This provides an advantage in terms of flexibility, lower cost and range diversity. This makes it possible for small-scale industrial enterprises and other related businesses to invest in equipment that will stand the test of time and be able to endure heavy use and wear.

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