Choosing a Digital Signage System for Christmas

Many businesses know how important a digital signage system is for marketing and advertising. During the Christmas season, a digital signage system could help make advertising for holiday events and discounts easier. One way that stores are using indoor digital tickers during the holidays is to display flash sales in shopping malls and shopping centers. This helps in two ways:

Immediately Sharing Information

With an indoor digital ticker sign sharing immediate information with customers is easier than ever. Consider shopping malls during Black Friday. Some customers create an itinerary for where they intend to shop on Black Friday, depending on what they intend to purchase and who has the best deals. However, if a shopping mall has an indoor digital ticker, then customers can be immediately aware of any flash sales that are happening on top of Black Friday sales. Most shopping malls communicate this information to customers through audio based public announcement systems, but an employee can only announce one flash sale at a time. A digital signage system can display multiple sales at one time.

Directing Customers with Little Human Effort

An indoor digital signage system is also an excellent tool to help direct customers without any assistance from an employee. During large holiday sales, most employees are trying to maintain maximum productivity, including helping customers find merchandise and assisting with checkout. But with digital signs, customers are able to find their way around a store or shopping mall easier without having to rely on employees to direct them. Many shopping malls are using traditional directories that are printed on paper, which is displayed and lit behind a piece of Plexiglas. However, the issue that most malls have is when new stores move into the shopping mall or stores leave. A digital signage system is easier to update than updating a paper directory.

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