Choosing A Company To Create Custom Carved Doors

Making the decision to add custom carved doors to your home or business is a wonderful way to personalize the appearance of your home. These doors are beautiful works of art which express your personal taste and your appreciation for the finer things in life.

It is important to research any company you are considering to work with to create your unique carved doors. There are many online retailers offering what are listed as hand carved doors which are not truly hand carved, but are rather produced in large quantities.

By carefully reviewing the options, materials, and the actual way the doors are constructed, you will find there are only a very few companies offering true custom carved doors. To make sure you are working with such a company consider the following key factors.

The Wood and Hardware

There is a true quality in custom carved doors. The best manufacturers start with the best materials. One of the most beautiful and dense types of woods suitable for exterior doors is Sapele African Mahogany.

This wood has a high impact rating, which means it is durable and sturdy but also is very well suited to the carving process. The carved designs will be clean, crisp and can be deep enough into the wood to develop an intricate pattern without diminishing the strength of the exposed surface of the door.

Also look for top hardware including multipoint or 3-point locks to add security to even the most elegant looking door without taking away from the appearance.

Craftsmanship and Experience

There are some companies that complete carved doors for customers as part of a larger line of materials and building products. It is always a top recommendation to choose a company specializing in doors and only focusing on the production of top quality custom and pre-made doors.

With a focus just on doors, including expert craftsmen who only work to create custom hand carved doors, you have the peace of mind in dealing with an experienced company and seeing samples of their work. This could be through their online gallery or through visiting their showroom and taking a look in person at the quality you can expect.

While hand carved doors with a custom design are going to be an investment, they are also a unique and beautiful way to customize your home. They are the finishing touch to a remarkable entranceway which will truly be one of a kind.

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