Choose Psydrax Odorata in Honolulu, HI as Part of Your Landscape Design

When you need an indigenous tree as part of your landscaping plan, you might want to consider Psydrax Odorata, commonly known as Alahe’e. You’ll enjoy a large tree that can grow to 20 feet or more, producing glossy leaves and highly fragrant white flower clusters. This excellent tree grows in a radially symmetric pattern similar to the popular Christmas-tree shape.

Start Your Alahee

You can start your Psydrax Odorata in Honolulu, HI as a potted plant and then transplant it on your property when the time is right. This indigenous plant can be found on most of the main islands along the coast in forests. The tree had important uses in the local culture as the hard wood was used to produce Adze handles and digging tools. Fruit and flowers from the Alahe’e were used to produce the well-known lei.

If you’re interested in having this great tree as part of your landscape design, check out The experts at the world’s largest nursery for native Hawaiian plants will be available to advise you on the best use and care of your tree. The Alahe’e does best with plenty of sun and only partial shade. Once the tree is established, it needs minimal watering.

Additional Services

Psydrax Odorata can be an excellent choice from among the many outstanding native plants offered. When you consult with a member of the team about specific plants, be sure to ask about landscaping services including irrigation, culturally designed gardens, tree trimming, hydro-seeding, land clearing, rain gardens, and much, much more.

You might also want to make arrangements with these specialists for habitat restoration. You can do your part to rehabilitate native habitats that have been damaged or degraded through the years. You can also schedule the professional removal of invasive alien species and arrange for expert maintenance of your current project. If you need assistance with site preparation, this is your source.

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