Chill Drinks the Fun Way with an Ice Luge in Suffolk County NY

When there is a party, there are likely to be drinks. There will also be plenty of ice. After all, drinks need to be nice and chilled. But, there are ways to chill drinks that are a lot cooler (pun intended) to use than regular old-fashioned ice cubes. There are ice sculptures that are not only pretty to look at, but will also help to keep cocktails cold. After all, if one is going to spend money on an ice sculpture, they may as well get one that is as functional as it is attractive.


There are different types of ice sculptures used to keep drinks cold. One that is really popular is an ice luge in Suffolk County, NY. These are modeled after the luge racing tracks, and are pretty fun to use. Basically, it is a large chunk of ice that has tracks. The drinks slide down the tracks, and into waiting glasses. Of course, some party-goers may want to forgo the glasses and just drink right from the luge. Don’t worry, this is not unsanitary. Because the ice is constantly melting, it is always cleaning itself. Everyone at the party can enjoy taking a shot from the luge.


The luge will serve one drink at a time. The drink is poured into the ice, and it comes out at the other end. Some of these ice sculptures have double tracks, so two drinks can be poured at once. There are also styles that have drinking tubes. The ice sculptor makes them by cutting tracks into the ice. These tracks are channels for the liquid to slide down. The drinking tube method involves freezing the tubes right in the ice. Tube luges have funnels at the top, while tracks have holes that will hold a single shot each.


Obviously, party-goers are going to want to use the Ice Luge in Suffolk County NY all night long. Depending on the size of the sculpture and how hot the area is, the sculpture can last for as long as eight hours before completely melting. To have one of these for a party, visit Don’t forget to ask about other types of ice sculptures for events.


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