Checklist For Working With National Moving Companies In Raleigh

Moving isn’t something most people do on a regular basis. The average is one move every five years for the adult population of the United States, but there are many singles, couples and families who move perhaps once or twice in their life. Working with national moving companies in Raleigh can make the process easy, but there are some things to ensure you have before you start.

When you are working with recognized and highly professional national moving companies in Raleigh information will be provided to you without having to ask. However, it is a good idea to know what paperwork and what information you need to have before signing a contract and putting the first box on the truck.

In-Home Estimate

Unless there are unique situations, top national moving companies in Raleigh will require an in-home survey or estimate. This allows a trained and experienced estimator from the company to come to your residence and view the contents to be moved. These home surveys do not take long, but they allow the company representative to note any special requests or unique moving requirements you may have.

From this survey, the estimator will prepare a written estimate. This may be done immediately, or it may be sent to you through an email, typically within a business day. This estimate should be written as binding or binding not-to-exceed.

The estimate from the national moving companies in Raleigh will identify the cost of the move, the rates, and the cost of any additional services requested. In some cases the exact cost of some things, such as hours of packing time or additional packing supplies requested, may not be absolute and will change slightly based on the actual usage.

Get the Contract

You have the right to read the contract from national moving companies in Raleigh in advance of having them load the truck. Most companies will provide this to you days before the move, at least with regards to the specific clauses and language. Read everything and pay particular attention to the valuation and insurance coverage.

It is important to understand both the estimate as well as the contract. The best national moving companies in Raleigh will provide a move advisor or manager who is there to assist with any questions you may have. Remember, once the contract is signed it is binding, so you want to understand what you agree to in full.

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