Characteristics of Contemporary Art

Contemporary art is current art. It is art created by artists that are alive today. The art is unique and robust. The styles are free ranging and appeal to all. Following are some qualities that the art genre contains.

Reflects the Current Surroundings

Contemporary art is a reflection of an artists’ surroundings. This creates a uniqueness in each artist’s work. The art can make a statement, political or otherwise, or it can be up to interpretation of the art viewer. There is no defined theme when we talk of contemporary artwork.

You can see a vast array of themes in Chicago contemporary art galleries and studios. The ideas can range from quite complex to just a few strokes on a remaining blank canvas. All of the pieces tell a story and have a distinct beauty to them. It is up to the viewer to find that beauty on their own.

Using Different Mediums

Contemporary artists are not afraid to use different mediums to achieve their artwork. Paints are just the tip of the iceberg. Contemporary creation can also be in dimensional form and the use of everyday objects is common. The 3-D contemporary art movement is unique and robust. There are many art works and installations that create sculptured work that creates a beautiful imagery for all to enjoy. If using paint, the paint does not have to be flush to the canvas, but can have texture and height to it as well. Mainstream is not a necessity for this artform.

Today’s Contemporary Artist

Today’s artists are diverse and multileveled. They embrace what is differenced and what has not been experienced before. This diversity is reflected in the current art we see today. The contemporary artist is far more advanced in technology than ever before and we are starting to see this technology incorporated into the contemporary art work. This gives the genre a fresh look and appeal.

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