Changing Your Living Space with Lights

When it comes to home remodeling, most people think of furniture replacement or a new paint job. But did you know you could also give your home a fresh, updated look simply by changing the lighting? With a few well-placed lighting fixtures, the tone of a room can be upgraded tremendously! Let’s look at some ways to alter your living space with lighting.

Indoor Ideas

When looking for a fresh update of your home lighting fixtures, try browsing online catalogs of businesses like Premier Lighting for unique ideas. The type of lighting you’ll want to go for depends largely on what purpose the room serves. For example, while a carefully placed desk lamp in your home office provides the light you need to get your work done, it can also serve as a stunning accent piece. If you’re looking to make a bold statement, ceiling fixtures such as chandeliers are the way to go—try installing one in your dining room; you’ll be sure to impress your dinner guests!

Bathroom fixtures provide you with flattering light that allows you to look your best, even in those rushed early mornings! According to HGTV, matching lights mounted on either side of the mirror provide the best lighting for times when you might be shaving or doing your makeup. Also, keep in mind that even small home lighting fixtures can make a big statement. Home décor items like candles offer soft lighting that can give an inviting glow to any room in your home.

Outdoor Options

Make sure to also consider some outdoor lighting fixtures. Lining your walkway with a few post lights can make the walk to your front door a warm, pleasant trip. If you have a covered porch, installing a ceiling light will allow you to utilize the space at night, letting you and your loved ones sit outside and chat long after the sun goes down.

Be sure to keep these tips in mind during your next remodel, and don’t be afraid to experiment with a few new lighting styles all around your home!

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