Causes of Male Infertility in San Antonio, TX

For your partner to become pregnant, a male need to produce enough healthy sperm to reach and penetrate the partner’s egg. Causes of male infertility in San Antonio TX range from medical issues to the kinds of clothes worn. Here is a look at some common causes of male infertility.

Too-Tight Pants

Tight underpants, trousers, and jeans may be fashionable and may look great on you but are counterproductive in producing healthy sperm. This is because tight pants press the testicles to your body. This raises the temperature of the testicles where sperm is produced. Sperm exposed to too-hot temperatures die or become deformed enough not to move normally. Wear boxers and loose-fitting pants.

Lifestyle Problems

Men who smoke, drink, use illegal drugs, abuse legal drugs, or are overweight often have problems producing healthy sperm. Until these issues are changed, sperm produced will continue to be unhealthy. Some men get lower sperm counts from breathing second-hand smoke, so you may need to stop going to places where you constantly encounter tobacco smoke.

Exposure to Sperm Killing Substances

The San Antonio area is home to a wide variety of industries, some of which involves constant exposure to substances that could impact male fertility. These substances include x-rays, radiation, heavy metals, and industrial chemicals like pesticides, herbicides, and painting materials. Talk to your doctor or fertilization specialist about how you can limit further exposure.

Medical Conditions

There are numerous medical conditions that can interfere with sperm production, including Celiac disease, cystic fibrosis, hormone imbalances, and defects of chromosomes that impact reproduction like Kleinfelter’s Syndrome. Any previous injuries or surgeries could also impact fertility. You may need to take tests to determine if you have a birth defect or tumor that could stop healthy sperm production.

Medication Problems

When you see a fertilization specialist, take a list of all medications, vitamins, and herbal supplements you take and how much you take. Some medications and herbs can impact male fertility.

In Conclusion

Many causes of Male Infertility in San Antonio TX are treatable. If you still have questions about why you are not producing enough healthy sperm that has not been answered here.

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