Caring for Your Rims

Wheel rim repairs are generally a necessary repair that is needed after hitting a pot hole, running into or rubbing a curb or many other types of accidents. Unfortunately the roadways take a toll on every part of a vehicle and tire rims are not an exception. Scratched and dented rims, repair of an alloy rim, tire refinishing, cracks and other damages, one can never foresee the unexpected.

A Rim Got Bent
A mechanic can almost always repair a rim that has gotten bent. They heat it up to soften it and then use a press to smooth it back out. If an accident causes some of the rim to be lost, new pieces can be welded on to it. Then it will be polished up and painted or clear coated. Most often, a rim that is repaired like this is just as strong as a new one.

Alloy Rims Need Repair
When it comes to fast repair jobs, the fastest is repairing an aluminum rim. Aluminum is very flexible and can be heated and reformed in just a few hours. There are many things that can happen to your rims from scratches and dents to a creased band. Problems with your rims can lead to decreased gas mileage and increase your chances of a blowout. It is much less costly to repair these rims than to replace them. A good repair can be done for about $125. Never assume that your rims cannot be repaired, there is a way to fix almost anything.

Refinishing Rims
Re-plating your rims in chrome can be quite expensive. One thing to never do is use steel wool pads to clean your rims. That will scratch them, the one thing you are trying to avoid. Rubbing alcohol works very well for cleaning your rims and taking care of light rust. Yes you can clean and polish your rims, but if they need to be repaired, taking them to a reputable mechanic is your very best option.

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