Caring For Your Cadillac In Naperville’s Winter

Winter is here and with it comes dirt, salt, snow, and unpleasant driving conditions. It can be particularly hard on drivers who want to keep their luxury vehicles, such as their Cadillacs, in pristine condition. The weather may be bad, but it doesn’t have to mean bad things for your vehicle. Here are some ways to take care of your Cadillac in Naperville this winter.

Splurge For Winter Tires

Don’t settle for all-season tires, especially once the temperature starts to drop. Winter tires are designed to handle Naperville’s varying weather, and will stay strong even as extremely cold weather starts to set in. Winter tires have a deeper tread, allowing them more contact with the road and better control on snow and ice. They are designed to stay flexible and strong, even in bitterly cold conditions.

Keep Your Battery Strong

It’s important to keep a vehicle’s battery strong, and this can be challenging as the temperature drops. Exposure to colder weather can drain a battery, and buildup of ice and snow can cause corrosion. Take your Cadillac to a qualified mechanic, or the dealership, and have the battery checked out to be sure how long it will last, and if there is any maintenance that needs to be done.

Change Your Wiper Blades

Everyday wiper blades are ideal for average temperatures, but can crack in the colder weather. Switching to winter wiper blades will ensure that snow and ice can quickly and efficiently be removed from the windshield. Winter blades are also designed to be stronger, and can handle the extra weight of the heavy snow.

Keep Your Windows Clean

Winter makes everything dirtier, and a car’s windows are no exception. Dirty windows do more than just make a vehicle look bad – they can impair visibility. In rough driving conditions, a driver needs to be able to have a clear view of the road, in order to prevent accidents. Keep the wiper blades raised when parking to prevent them from getting stuck to the window, and make sure that the windshield washer fluid is always topped up.

Check Your Oil

The cold weather can cause motor oil to thicken, making it harder on a vehicle’s engine. Be sure to use the correct oil for your model of Cadillac, and never skip an oil change. Pick an oil with “w” in the index, which indicates that it’s been designed for winter use.

Winter can be a long season, and wreaks havoc on the roads. Driving conditions can often be scary, but with these tips above, you can ensure that driving your Cadillac in Naperville throughout the cold months doesn’t impact your car. Visit website to know more.

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