Caring for Garage Entry Doors in Council Bluffs IA

A garage door is your home’s biggest moving object, and there’s the potential for great danger -; but many garage doors go without proper maintenance. The average garage door weighs several hundred pounds, and it’s used daily -; meaning that parts eventually need replacement. With a routine inspection, you can keep Garage Entry Doors in Council Bluffs IA running safely and efficiently. Read on to learn more about maintaining and inspecting your garage door.

* What’s included in a typical inspection? For about $100, a garage door repair company can perform an inspection and a tune up. At that time, the technician will adjust cables and springs, lubricate moving components, tighten hardware as needed, inspect hinges and tracks, and troubleshoot any other issues. With regular inspection and preventive maintenance, you can eliminate the need for costly repairs down the line.

* What are the most common problems with garage doors? Broken springs are a very common issue. Garage door springs typically last up to seven years before replacement is necessary, but living in a cold climate can wear the springs out faster. Other issues include stripped gears, squeaking hinges, and debris coverage of photosensors, which can prevent the door from closing.

* What can I do to maintain my garage door? Homeowners can keep Garage Entry Doors in Council Bluffs IA running smoothly in between inspections by lubricating tracks with silicone spray. Lubricating the rubber seal can prevent it from sticking to the floor in the event of a freeze. NEVER try to adjust cables and springs yourself, anddon’t try to remove hardware and bolts. Garage doors are under heavy tension, and you can seriously injure yourself if you handle them incorrectly. Major repairs should always be done by a garage door repair professional.

* How do I test my garage door? You can test its functionality in manual mode. Simply pull the release lever to disconnect the opener -; at that time, the door should lift easily. If you have trouble lifting the door in manual mode, you may have an issue with spring tension and you’ll need to call a repair professional.

Despite our best efforts at repairs and maintenance, in some cases, doors are beyond repair. If your garage door is warped or cracked, or if insulation is missing, call a service professional from for replacement. You can also visit them on Facebook for more information.

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