Car Shopping: 3 Ways to Get You a Better Deal

Have your sights set on a Subaru? You’ll need the help of a Subaru dealer to get the necessary financing. But even if you’re not confident of your negotiating skills, with so much help and information available online, you’ll have a lot of help on how to turn the negotiating tables in your favor.
From Bankrate and Business Insider here are a few tips to help you win a better deal from your car dealer.

  1. Do your research. If you’re going for a trade-in, know how much your car goes for in the market. Get an expert opinion. If you’re going to pay with cash or credit, make sure you ask the bank about your financing options and how much interest rate is available to you. That way, when car dealers jack up the interest rates by a point or two, you won’t feel compelled to say yes, thinking you’ve just been given standard rates straight from the bank. You could firmly but politely refuse to give in to their terms and stand by yours. In the process, you save yourself the trouble of having to pay more than you should.
  2. Refuse additional warranties. That’s not to say you cross out the service warranty all together. You need a warranty, but you just have to make sure it covers what you need. So check the contract thoroughly. Some dealerships offer extended warranties for tire protection, for instance. Check the fine print for that too because some dealers actually put in insufficient tire coverage. Business Insider says that one such contract covered only instances when the tires were impaired by a nail—and nothing else. Those terms aren’t sufficient so you could try to put a better deal on the table. If that’s not possible, leave off any extra warranties and just focus on the financing details.
3. Don’t give out a monthly figure. Never let the car dealer know how much you can afford in terms of monthly payments. That gives them a figure to work with and they’ll do what they can to get that per month figure. This could mean getting a higher interest rate or a car package loaded with protection products and services—like the extended warranties that don’t really help protect you against anything—all done to hike up the price.

So keep these in mind when you get to the negotiating tables. For information on how to reach a Subaru dealer in Long Island, contact us at Grand Prix Subaru.

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