Car Accident Attorneys in Miamisburg OH Help When Insurers Delay Approving Claims

People who have been injured in vehicle accidents caused by another driver often try to deal with that individual’s insurance company on their own. This can be a mistake since insurance companies naturally attempt to avoid paying any more than the smallest amount of compensation they can justify. Car Accident Attorneys in Miamisburg OH can help injured clients obtain a better settlement since they know what certain types of cases should be worth in terms of dollars and cents.

Citizens want to believe that insurance companies have their interests in mind. However, a 2007 report by CNN found that even when the person who was injured tries to make a claim with his or her own insurer, this person commonly is stymied. Especially if the accident was relatively minor and the injury is not severe, some insurance companies may stall and delay processing the claim for a long time. They may accuse the injured person of attempting insurance fraud because statistics show most minor accidents do not cause injuries unless someone in the vehicle is particularly vulnerable. That typically includes elderly people, individuals with a debilitating health condition, pregnant women and young children.

Often, the policyholders simply give up. They have a right to be upset since they have faithfully paid their premiums for years. Of course, there are many insurance companies that do not engage in this type of activity, but those that do can give the industry a bad name. The cases should be pursued, so each person receives the compensation he or she deserves.

Car Accident Attorneys in Miamisburg OH help clients who are having trouble acquiring a reasonable settlement from their own insurance company or another driver’s insurer. People may feel that hiring a lawyer is too much of a hassle, but it actually tends to make everything much easier. From there on out, the law firm handles all research and communication with the insurance company, and the injured person can focus on healing. Someone who has not been able to convince an insurer to pay on an injury claim may Visit Thorson Switala Mondock & Snead LLP at the website to schedule a free consultation.

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