Can Rear Wheel Hub Replacement Save Your Customers Money?

It can be tough to help your customers realize the benefits of doing anything. For one, they have to pay for whatever is done or whatever product they want, so it’s tough for them to determine the cost-savings of doing so. However, your job is to pass savings to them, so you earn their respect, gain more repeat business, and hopefully get new business, as well. Therefore, it’s important that you consider the process for rear wheel hub replacement to ensure that it will reduce maintenance costs, extend the life of their parts, and more. Poor installation can lead to abnormal wear on the tires and bearings, so it’s important to ensure they’re installed correctly.

Maintenance Costs

A rear wheel hub that isn’t torqued correctly can lead to many maintenance issues, such as requiring a replacement for the hubs and bearings. If you have already replaced these parts, you shouldn’t need to do so again for a long time. If the customer comes back with the same problem, a mistake may have been made during the initial visit. You should always ensure that everything is tightened and in the correct position to reduce friction, loss of lubrication and more.

Spend Less Time At The Shop

Likewise, customers may spend less overall time at the repair shop when everything is done correctly. This means they can save money on maintenance and other costs, but it also means that they’re more liable to visit you again the next time they need routine maintenance or have a repair issue.

Replace Fewer Components

Hubs and their assemblies are one of the most expensive parts, with brakes and rotors coming in a close second. Both of which can be damaged if the rear wheel hub replacement isn’t done right the first time.

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