Calling An Air Conditioner Repair Service

There is nothing as awful as coming home from a long day at work in the summer and finding out your dreams of just relaxing in a nice, cool home are simply not going to come true. Unfortunately, when your air conditioner stops working, staying cool is not going to be an option.

If you do find yourself in this unfortunate situation, there are a few things to do and to know before you call for air conditioner repair. By taking a few minutes and making a couple of quick checks and collecting information, you can help the air conditioner repair service to be prepared when they arrive.

Check the Power and the Settings

While this may seem obvious, take the time to make sure the breaker for the air conditioner unit has not been tripped or that the system hasn’t been switched off or unplugged.

It is also important to check the thermostat or the program to make sure that it hasn’t been changed. With controls through apps on phones or remote access, this can sometimes happen by accident. Next, if you are using a zone control, make sure the zone is on, and the settings are correct.

Information on the AC

It will be helpful when you call the air conditioner repair company to have the information on the unit itself. At the very least know the manufacturer and the model number. This is typically provided on a small piece of stamped metal on the unit. The operators’ manual will also provide this information.

Be sure to let the service know if you were having any problems with the system. This includes any unusual noises or problems with cooling or air flow prior to the system failure.

By having the model and make available, the air conditioner repair service can verify they can complete repairs on that brand and also ensure they have the parts they may need in their truck to speed up the repair process.

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