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This winter is sure to be as cold as ever. Many areas are experiencing quite a lot of snow and cold weather. The homes in those regions are under considerable stress. Heavy winds, snow, and freezing temperatures can damage the roof of a home very quickly. Over even a short winter the average home can suffer considerable damage. During heavy winter weather, it is common to need extensive repairs. If minor issues aren’t repaired quickly they will develop into more serious problems which could lead to water damage in the walls and ceiling. This water damage could even reach the wiring in the walls. The best course of is to contact local Roofers in Edmonds to assess the overall condition of the roof.

Residential roofs should be inspected at least once per year. Catching minor damage and making small repairs will cost considerably less than waiting for a major issue to develop. Replacing a few shingles is much less expensive than having to replace roof beams or apply new wood to the surface of the roof. It’s also important to make sure service providers are using top quality material that will last. During an annual inspection service providers can heck the inside and outside of a roof and spot minor leaks and damage to shingles. These small repairs usually take no more than a few hours to fix. With just a few hours of maintenance, homeowners can enjoy another year of a leak-free roof.

Homeowners should contact their local Roofers in Edmonds right away for their annual inspection. Most service providers offer a free consultation and estimate of the cost of repairs. During the consultation homeowners should ask what materials are going to be used and what kind of warranty is offered from the manufacturer and the service provider. It’s also a good idea to get a date for when the work will start. It is no good to schedule repairs that won’t happen within a reasonable amount of time. Making repairs often and early can save thousands of dollars in major roof repairs and help maintain overall structural integrity of the home.

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