Call a Floor Repair Service in West Hartford, CT for These Flooring Issues

Most homeowners want hardwood floors throughout the house because they are beautiful and warm room. However, real wood floors can be easily scratched or gouged if you are not careful, which can ruin them. Fortunately, they can be easily repaired by flooring contractors with experience in fixing hardwood floors.

Repairing Scratched or Gouged Hardwood

The techniques used for repairing a hardwood floor depend on the type of damage it has sustained. If you’ve moved a piece of furniture or had an appliance delivered, then your floor could be easily scratched. However, the technique used by a floor repair service in West Hartford, CT to repair the scratches would depend on the depth of the scratches.

If the scratches are light or shallow, then they can easily be touched up with matching stain, which you could do yourself. However, if they are deep, a floor repair service may need to refinish the areas where the planks are scratched. For hardwood floors in an older home, the entire floor may need to be refinished so that it matches.

For planks that may have been gouged, the only solution is to remove and replace the planks. This involves cutting into the floor to remove the damaged plank and then replacing it with a new one. For this type of repair, you should hire a floor repair service.

Gapped Flooring

Gaps can sometimes develop between the planks of hardwood floors. This problem occurs when wood planks age because wood naturally dries and shrinks but it also expands when it is humid. If the gap is less than the width of a dime, then it’s normal, but for wider gaps, find more information about hiring a flooring service here.

Fortunately, most hardwood floor problems are easily repaired, and a good flooring company can make the entire floor look as good as new.

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