Buying Pallet Loads of Store Returns

The retail industry is one that moves very quickly, seasons come and go as do new innovations and products are constantly being updated; not only that goods which have been purchased are accepted for return and many products don’t sell as anticipated and the store ends up with excessive inventory of things that are not moving.

Retail stores are loath to throw anything away so what happens to store returns in NC and other slow moving or outdated stock? Goods that are serviceable and are not damaged to the point where they are of no value are often sold to wholesale pallet companies. The wholesalers purchase complete pallet loads of merchandise considered to be unsalable by the retailer who then sells it on to customers cheaply.

Unfortunately there are wholesale pallet companies that don’t really play by the rules, at times the buyer of the pallet load of merchandise will find that there is a high percentage of product that simply cannot be sold. This industry is no different than any service industry, there are those that are proud of what they do and how they do it and there are those that really don’t care if they have a reputation one way or the other. Stick with companies that have an established reputation for providing excellent quality merchandise from multiple sources at the best prices. Look for companies that get store returns in NC from well respected retailers.

Wholesale pallet companies source their goods from respectable, well known retailers. The goods are often store returns in NC or overstocked goods, all of which are in perfectly serviceable condition. Retailers are aware of the pallet companies that have built a solid reputation and they favor them to take goods off their hands so they can accommodate new items and free up storage space in their warehouses.

As a buyer you will be looking for these reputable pallet companies, concentrate on those that are reasonably close to where you are located. The pallet loads of goods you buy can easily weight a thousand pounds or more, unless you run your own fleet of trucks you will want to stay close to home to keep shipping costs in line. Start off by buying a couple of pallet loads only, this will give you an opportunity to get a hands-on feel for the quality of the merchandise and how the company does business.

Bottom Dollar Wholesalers receive store returns in NC on a daily basis. At Bottom Dollar you will find hundreds of pallets of merchandise that includes electronics, kitchen equipment, tools and much more.

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