Brick And Mortar Repair And Restoration

When you realize that you need brick repair, always call an expert. Brick repair may look simple but to do the job right and to do it in such a way that you would never know it was damaged in the first place takes a great deal of skill. Although it is possible to damage walls, the majority of brick repair in Chicago takes place on the chimney.

Regular routine maintenance on the bricks around your house will keep them looking good for many years but this is often easier said than done. With the pressures of work and family, it is easy to let things slide to the point where repair is necessary.

Possible reasons for brick damage include:


Spalling is a word used by bricklayers and brick repair technicians, for the typical layman it means “broken.” Spalling is usually seen on the face of the brick. Spalling is a problem in areas that have hard winters where the bricks are constantly subjected to freezing and then thaw cycles. Mortar between the bricks is supposed to take up the expansion and contraction but when it doesn’t then the brick will break.

Improper bricks used:

You may think that one brick is the same as any other, this is not the case. Bricks that are designed for use inside the home do not have to deal with freeze/thaw cycles. It is rarely a problem during new construction as masonry contractors can easily tell one from the other, the problem often occurs when DIYers salvage bricks, not knowing where they should be used. Those that do brick repair in Chicago see this often.

Damage from cleaning:

You may not think of it but a lot of brick damage is done by high pressure washers. Over time, buildings get dirty and one of the best ways to clean brick is with high pressure water, but, if the equipment is not used properly the water pressure can actually damage the face of a brick to the point where it must be repaired or replaced otherwise water will work its way through the wall and do significant damage to the building structure.

Bricks, as hard as they are, can become damaged. When you need brick repair in Chicago carried out you are invited to contact Fortune Restoration.

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