Breathe Better With Quality Duct Cleaning in Hoover

Air ducts are one of the most critical aspects of treated air delivery. They are also one area of the system that is difficult for the home or property owner to clean. One reason for this is that many ducts are difficult to access and in some instances, they are located in out-of-the-way areas such as attics or under the home. An expert in Duct Cleaning in Hoover can help by applying specific cleaning techniques such as manual agitation and dust extraction.

This system of cleaning is typically known as source removal. Alternatives include the use of steam cleaning or truck-mounted vacuum systems. When it comes to air duct cleaning, the source removal option tends to be the best choice and one reason for this is the fact that much of the dust clings to the duct walls because of static effects. Mechanical agitation will loosen this debris so it can be removed by the vacuum system. Alternately, the use of loosely bristled brushes can knock the dust free, but this process requires care so that no ducts are damaged during the cleaning. Truck mounted vacuum systems can be used for Duct Cleaning in Hoover, but they tend to be more effective when used with an agitation method.

A vacuum only system of cleaning may also require more frequent use because it doesn’t remove all the gunk inside the ducts.Steam cleaning systems require special care because this method of duct cleaning delivers high temperatures and moisture inside the duct. The cleaning method works great on specific types of ducts such as all metal versions, but any ducts with cloth tape or those made from fiber or insulated boards may have problems with the steam. Care should be used whenever applying this technique if the property owner is unsure of the type of ducts they have.A modern alternative is point of contact cleaning.

This method of duct cleaning uses a portable HEPA (high efficiency particle arresting) vacuum system and a method of agitating the debris. Portable HEPA technology traps the dust and keeps it from returning into the ducts. HEPA systems also prevent the cross-contamination of the home by preventing the release of dust through the vacuum itself. Find more information about duct cleaning on this website.

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