Botox Is Being Used To Treat Migraines And TMJ

Botox has been used for many years to smooth facial wrinkles. Botox is actually a toxin that impairs the release of certain substances at nerve ends, by blocking these substances muscles do not contract as much. Botox for migraines in Arlington Heights is a safe and effective treatment for chronic migraine headaches.

Isn’t Botox a beauty treatment?

Botox is used as a beauty treatment but that is only one of the medical conditions that it is used to treat. As Botox blocks certain signals that cause muscles to contract it is used extensively to control spasms in neck muscles, eye twitching, excessive underarm perspiration, repairing crossed eyes, teeth grinding and chronic migraine.

Botox for migraines:

Researchers never set out to determine the effectiveness of Botox for migraines in Arlington Heights, the fact that it is effective was discovered accidently. People that had been using Botox for one of the other purposes that also suffered from migraines were the first to report its effectiveness in improving their condition.

It still is not understood why Botox helps to reduce migraine pain but it was approved by the FDA for use in migraine control in 2010. It is thought that Botox relaxes certain muscles that are sensitive to pain.

What to expect:

If you elect to use Botox for migraines in Arlington Heights you will get a series of injections in your head and neck. There is a specific site for each needle. If this protocol is not followed exactly there is a good chance that the treatment will not be as effective as it should be.

The process takes about 15 minutes, in some cases the treatment will actually trigger a headache or you may feel as if you’re coming down with the flu. The entire process will require two or perhaps three rounds of injections and the results can be positive for many migraine sufferers.

If you think Botox for migraines in Arlington Heights might help you fight the debilitating effects of a migraine you are invited to discuss the treatment, the expected results and the cost with James Kakos, DDS.

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