Both Parents May Require A Child Support Lawyer In Duval, FL

In Florida, as in all states, parents are expected to contribute to the well-being of their child or children during and after a divorce. This includes both financial as well as emotional support for the children, which in turn means spending time with the kids.

When people think of hiring a child support lawyer, they often think of issues where one parent is not paying what has been court ordered. In Duval, FL courts, as around the state, the calculation of child support is based on a specific calculation. This includes both the income of the two parents as well as the number of children in the family.

As there are additional factors to consider, including health insurance payments, daycare costs, and even taxes—it can become complex. One parent often feels that are contributing more than their share financially, while another parent feels they are not being treated fairly by the courts.


While child support is based on the table of possible income—less the factors mentioned above, as well as the number of children, the courts can provide some flexibility that can be five percent above or below the guidelines without the need for additional written findings.

In cases where the Duval, FL court wishes to go beyond the 5% limit, the court must state the reasons in writing. Situations where this may occur include specialized expenses for the children that are over and above what can be covered by the standard support.

In these types of cases, a child support lawyer will be necessary to prevent information to show good cause as to why there is a demonstrable need for deviation from the guidelines.

Modifications will also require a child support lawyer for most post-divorce changes in income. This can occur if a parent suddenly has a dramatic increase or decrease in income that changes the basis and the guidelines.

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