Boosting Capacity With An Illumina MiSeq 2

In the past, most sequencing was completed using the Sanger sequencing method. While practical and effective, it was not the best possible option for all forms of sequencing. One of the biggest drawbacks to Sanger sequencing is the limitation of 384 sequences at one time, while new NGS technology offered through the Illumina MiSeq 2 system can complete millions simultaneously.

The specifics of the MiSeq system allows for 15Gb of output. This translates into 25 million sequencing reads. The system also provides both custom panels, for specific sequencing requirements, as well as already prepared panels for ready to use types of applications. The MiSeq system can be used for testing of any organisms.

Important Factors for Consideration

The Illumina MiSeq 2, for all its sequencing and analysis capabilities, is actually a very small piece of equipment. This allows for easy placement in any testing facility or lab. This equipment is also designed for high volume sequencing requirements, which means it can quickly scale up for high sequencing demands, a valuable consideration for any lab.

This is equipment designed to eliminate the risk of human error during sequencing. With automated systems, intuitive and easy to use operator interfaces, technicians will find the systems very user-friendly to work with, even with continual sequencing requirements.

Unlike some systems, the Illumina MiSeq 2 allows for the complete sequencing process, including all end to end sequencing requirements. In addition, the system completes amplification, clusters, and full analysis as part of the functions offered.

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