Book Tours in Charleston, SC and See Historic Pubs

One of the best ways to see the historic district of downtown Charleston is to book tours in Charleston, SC throughout the year. Whether you are holding a corporate event or want to sponsor a group tour for an organization, you will want to book tours for walking and seeing Charleston’s historic pubs and sites.

The Starting Point for a Pub Tour

All walking tours to see the historic pubs normally leave from Tommy Condon’s, which is located at 160 Church Street in Charleston. This particular pub tour takes place from 4 pm to 7 pm daily. However, the times of the tours are subject to change, depending on the season or weather.

Making the Arrangements

Preferably, you want to book tours in Charleston as tickets can sell out fast. Touring times for larger groups can also be customized. Plus, companies that offer pub tours and crawls also feature specialty events such as canoe trips. Therefore, it is always a good idea to make contact and discuss your personal needs. Most of the tours that are arranged take place whether it rains or shines.

Scheduling a Tour

The pub tour itself is regularly conducted, as indicated, in the Historic District of Charleston. Usually pub-goers visit four historic pubs during a two-hour period. In some instances, participants may visit as many as three to five pubs, depending on a group’s timeliness. Usually, it is a good idea to bring extra money to avoid waiting on tabs that need to be tallied and closed. Tour guides do their best to accommodate the needs of everyone in a party.

Therefore, tipping the guide is suggested as well. If you purchase tickets online, you will normally receive a confirmation number for the event. You need to bring the number with you when you show up for the tour. Many group participants bring their ticketing information on their mobile device.

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