Best Troubleshooting Tips For Lawn Mowers

It always happens at the worst possible time: lawn mower trouble. Regardless of the type of lawn mower, or the experience level of the homeowner, break-downs, blow-ups, and burn-outs do happen. Fortunately, lawn mowers in Houston, thanks to the top-quality service companies available, can take a break from their regular duties. Luckily, experienced lawn care crews are capable of supplying useful troubleshooting tips for troublesome mowers.

My Mower Won’t Start!

Though it may be hard to believe, the main reason mowers don’t start is painfully simple: the gas tank is empty. If your mower won’t start, start with a gas tank check. If, however, your tank is full, try emptying it and filling up with fresh gas.

My Starter Rope is Stuck!

More often than not, this is due to an engaged flywheel brake. This is a simple fix, as you just need to bring the bar down to the handle. This the case of a clogged mower, however, turn it off, unplug it, disengage the spark plug wire, and clear out the mower underside.

My Mower Loses Power!

Truthfully, this can point to several different things, and every point will need to be properly checked. These include a dirty air filter, grass that is too tall, a dirty spark plug, or a buildup of debris in the undercarriage. Check these issues, and correct accordingly.

My Mower is Smoking!

Don’t panic! A smoking mower is often due to oil burning. Smoke is produced when the chamber is too full, or if oil has leaked into its exhaust muffler, and is simply the result of oil burning off. If, however, any lighter colored smoking is being released, it’s a definite sign you’ll need to turn it off, and seek professional advice.

Lastly, a final word of advice, always refer to your mower’s operating manual, especially before any intended mower maintenance.
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