Best Tips to Finding Leaks in Your Home

Leaks in your home can mean a number of things—most of them not good. If it’s not a leaky roof, then it might be coming in from your pipes. Your plumbing system might be compromised. It’s going to be a bit hard to figure out where the leak is coming from, though.

An easy way

Finding leaks can be tricky so first, confirm if one actually exists. If your water usage way exceeds your normal one, then you have leaks. A family of four that goes beyond 12,000 gallons of water for a single and cold month, too, can point to serious problems in your in your system, says the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

Look for leaks

  Water meter
Ask everyone in the house not to use the water for 2 hours. If the meter changes at any point of that 2 hours, then you have leaks.
*   Gaskets
Are there any leaks? If your gaskets are looking the worse for wear, then that could be a contributing factor in the leaks.
*   Pipe fittings
Everything sealed tight as it should be? If there’s moisture around, then you’ve found your leak.


Your toilet flapper could be the problem. They’re easy to replace, too, so no worries. You could DIY the installation of a new one or have a pro handle it.

Burst pipes

This a major plumbing issue and often results in major water damage, says Emergency Plumbing Plumber. It requires the expertise of a pro. So for expert plumbing leak detection in Corona CA, hire a plumbing professional.


Worn down faucet washers as well as gaskets can let water out. So be on the lookout and check them regularly for signs of moisture.


Sometimes all it takes is to fix the connection between the showerhead as well as pipe stem. You can use a pipe tape to get your showerhead up and running.

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