Benefits of Wooden Shipping Boxes

Does your company ship large or heavy products or materials? If so, you might think you’re saving money with cardboard containers, but cardboard is not the best material for some items. In fact, wooden shipping boxes offer many benefits for moving materials in your facility or loading them into trucks. Here are some important reasons to choose wood for your needs.

Cheaper than Plywood

Plywood crates are strong and durable, but your products may not need this kind of protection. For example, when you ship products to customers, you only need crates for getting your materials to their destinations. Standard crates made from wood can do the job, except their much cheaper. Why spend more money than you need to?

Excellent Protection for Fragile Materials

You can ship items in corrugated containers and print “fragile” on the boxes. However, this isn’t the best way to protect breakable or sensitive products. Wooden shipping boxes are strong and offer a lot of protection. They also give you secure shipping containers because wood is not easily torn or cracked.

If cardboard crates sit out-of-doors in the rain, they may get ruined. Wood crates can get wet, and it won’t affect their construction. Your containers will last as long as you need them.


Most customers want products that don’t harm the environment and wood is a natural material. It’s also a renewable source because forests are easily re-planted after cutting down trees. Wooden shipping boxes come from natural materials, and they don’t contain harmful chemicals or VOCs, which can hurt the local ecosystem and affect the health of employees and customers handling goods.

Easy to Stack

Not all shipping containers are easily stacked, but wood crates make stacking fast and simple. This simplifies your warehouse storage and makes it easier to get more materials in one place.

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