Benefits of Organic Lawn Care in Fairfield Connecticut

For decades, people used chemical fertilizers on their lawns without giving it a second thought. Today, more is known about these products, and their dangers to humans and animals. These chemicals are poisonous, and are doing a lot more harm than good in many cases. More and more people are using environmentally friendly products for their lawn care, including organic fertilizers. In addition to being free of chemicals so they are safe for humans and animals, organic products offer numerous other benefits. Once the ground has been prepared by removing weeds and pests, homeowners can begin to use organic products on their lawns.


When one opts for Organic Lawn Care in Fairfield Connecticut, they will notice a significant improvement in plant root growth. This is because many natural elements are released from organic fertilizers, such as nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorous. These elements are slowly released so the roots are able to get smaller doses, which leads to better grass growth. The roots become healthier, leaving a much nicer looking lawn. Soil health is also improved, because it is able to hold moisture for longer periods of time. Organic products will help create a nicer soil texture, so it is loose instead of tightly packed.


If there are children and pets playing on the lawn, it is even more important to have organic lawn care in Fairfield Connecticut. It is common for animals to eat grass and plants, and chemical pesticides can poison animals, making them sick and even causing death. Children, especially infants and toddlers, will often put things into their mouths, including grass, plants, and dirt. Make sure that children and animals are safe by using lawn care products that do not have any chemicals.


In addition to using chemical-free products, organic care for lawns involves many other techniques. Natural plant growth cycles are encouraged and enhanced. Renewable resources are used, which are sourced locally. Homeowners don’t need to worry about using dangerous chemical products on their lawns when their landscapers are using organic gardening techniques. Click here to learn more about the many organic lawn care services offered.



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