Benefits of Dental Implants in Richmond

After experiencing tooth loss, you probably feel like you never want to smile again. There are numerous causes of tooth-loss such as tooth decay, injury, and gum disease among others. But this need not spell doom to your otherwise happy life. There are several available options for your teeth including dentures and dental implants among others. The good news is that you can get dental implants in Richmond. There are many benefits to be derived from getting dental implants, some of which are explained below.

Improved self-esteem

Having missing teeth can be very embarrassing and it is likely to lower your self-esteem and affect how you relate with others. However, with dental implants, you will regain your smile, make you look and feel better about yourself and regain your lost self-esteem. Ultimately, Dental implants will improve the overall quality of your life.

Improved comfort

Dental implants will give you a more natural tooth replacement than dentures since they are attached directly to the jawbone. Since they become part of you, they eliminate the discomfort of removable dentures.

Improved chewing ability

Missing teeth will make you lose your chewing ability. Dentures will hardly solve this problem for you since they slide, making chewing equally difficult. In contrast, dental implants function with equal efficiency to your natural teeth, thus you can enjoy your favorite meals without discomfort.

Improved speech

Dental implant involves replacing the entire tooth, roots included. This will give you the feel of natural teeth while speaking. In contrast, poor fitting dentures can cause slurred words when they slip. With dental implants, you never have to worry about slipping teeth, allowing you to speak with confidence.

Easy care for your teeth

Since you never have to remove dental implants while cleaning, caring for them is as easy as caring for your natural teeth. Unlike with dentures, dental implants do not require messy adhesives to keep then intact. Dental implants allow easy access between the teeth, making it easy to clean them, thus improving your oral hygiene.

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