Benefits Of Dental Bridges In California MD

Tooth loss can have a negative effect on a person’s smile. It can also make them feel self-conscious when they smile and even speak. There are a few ways that a person can lose their teeth. Some lose teeth in an accident, some lose teeth due to decay, and some lose teeth due to severe gum disease. Whatever the reason for the tooth loss, the individual would need to have it treated if they are going to feel good about themselves. One great treatment for tooth loss is dental bridges in California MD.

Dental bridges are false teeth that are held in the mouth with plastic and wires. There are a few reasons why this is the best treatment for certain people.

More Than One Tooth Can Be Replaced

There are people who suffer from tooth loss who have lost more than one tooth. In some cases, the missing teeth are in different areas of the mouth. If a person were to get a dental bridge, they would need one for the upper teeth and one for the bottom if the tooth loss were on both. Regardless of how many teeth are missing, the false teeth would fit all on one bridge.

Cost Effective

Of all the treatments available for tooth loss, dental bridges are the least expensive. Also, of all the options available, only dental bridges would are covered under dental insurance. If a person has tooth loss and they are living on a strict budget, bridges are the best option.

Less Invasive

Many treatments for tooth loss are extremely invasive. For example, dental implants would need to be screwed directly into the patient’s jawbone and a false tooth would be attached to the implant. This can be painful and time-consuming. Depending on the situation, veneers are a potential treatment option. When veneers are placed, the dentist would need to shave down the top layer of the patient’s teeth. If the individual were to choose dental bridges to treat their tooth loss, the dentist would take an impression of the individual’s mouth and send it out to the lab. In a few days, the bridge would be ready and the individual would simply place it in their mouth.

If a person is suffering from tooth loss, one of the simplest and least expensive treatment options is dental bridges in California MD. For more information, Contact us.

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