Benefits of Children Attending a Karate Academy

Martial arts aren’t just about learning how to fight. They’re also about learning discipline and becoming more fit. Attending a Karate Academy, such as Park Institute Tae Kwon Do, has a number of benefits for children.

One of the more obvious benefits for children from learning martial arts is that they’ll be better able to defend themselves. This doesn’t mean they’ll become more aggressive, however. They’ll not only learn kicks and punches, but they’ll also learn how to block any attacks and how to evade attacks. Instructors make it clear that it’s best to avoid any unnecessary fighting and that children shouldn’t start fights.

Many children these days are overweight and don’t get enough exercise, which increases their risk for health problems. Martial arts instruction helps make children more physically fit and improve their posture and balance. They’ll build muscle and endurance, which will help them with any other sports or physical activities they decide to pursue. Attending a Karate Academy will help build motor skills and coordination while at the same time helping to limit the risk of childhood obesity because of all the exercise the children are getting. Classes usually begin with a warm-up, which could include any number of exercises, such as running, jumping jacks, push-ups, stretches and other types of calisthenics, and then move on to the study of various techniques necessary to master the art.

Other benefits of attending martial arts classes that might not come to mind right away include improvements in listening, focusing, decision making, self-control, memorization, retention of what they learn and teamwork. All of these are things that will help children do better in school and in life in general. Young people who participate in martial arts also get a lot of positive social interaction, which can help them to develop good character and get along better with others. Working their way through the belt system and seeing how much they’re able to accomplish through their hard work helps make children more self-confident and improves their self-esteem as well. Children are taught respect and how to behave properly when dealing with peers, teachers, parents and other adults.

Martial arts can even be helpful for children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder because it helps reinforce some of the skills these children are working on, including concentration and self-control.

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