Benefits of Buying Wholesale Coffee for Your Los Angeles Office

Trying to budget and plan coffee costs in your office can be difficult and expensive. Fortunately, there is a great alternative to buying coffee from your local shop or cafe. In recent years, buying wholesale coffee has increased in popularity among businesses. Wholesale suppliers get great tasting coffee for less money. Wholesale companies buy coffee beans and filtered coffee directly from the source.

Allowing them to provide you with a wide range of choices is an excellent decision for your business. When you have a need for large amounts of coffee, it might be time to consider buying wholesale. Here are two great reasons to buy wholesale coffee in Los Angeles.

Quality and Freshness

Coffee in the workplace is very important and finding the highest quality beans is a priority. Wholesale companies have large stocks of coffee beans. As quickly as they source the beans – they sell them. The difference between buying coffee from a shop and buying wholesale is the quality and freshness of the brew. Making a purchase directly from a wholesale company guarantees freshness. Often, when buying coffee from a local shop, it can be difficult to know how long your coffee has been sitting on the shelf. Coffee not used within two weeks starts to lose some of the strength and aroma you love. Plus, you don’t want to drink stale coffee!


In recent years, the internet has made it easy to find and save money on coffee. When buying wholesale, you are buying directly from the source. The best part? Skipping the middleman. This allows you to get high quality coffee beans at the same price as cafes or shops. Buying wholesale leads to major savings down the road. When buying wholesale in large quantities, you gain huge savings.  This makes it a great investment.

If you are looking to buy wholesale coffee in Los Angeles, Workwell has a great choice of vendors.

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