Benefits Of An Outsourced Vice President Of Sales

Your Vice President of Sales has a lot of tasks ahead of them, and may not be able to do it all. For example, they are likely going to be in charge of hiring, compensation plans, training, setting metrics, meetings, and holding the entire team accountable. They will work closely with managers and supervisors, as well as other department heads. While most people don’t consider outsourced employees, it may be something to consider.

What Does Outsourced Mean?

The term outsourcing can mean different things to different companies. Some will consider it to be a fractional or part-time position while some may consider it as an Executive as a Service role. However, outsourcing can also mean that another company does all the work related to the VP position.

It should also be noted that a consultant is not the same as outsourcing. Consultants are hired to perform studies and make recommendations, though the responsibility of execution is still up to the company owners and CEOs.


An outsourced vice president of sales may not be the best choice for everyone, but many small or medium-sized companies can benefit from outsourcing. For example, they will free up time for management and others. If your managers and supervisors currently do the tasks usually associated with a VP, they will be able to stop and have more time for their responsibilities, such as coaching.

Some companies may also pay less for employees. Traditionally, VPs make more than a regular hourly employee, and usually, make more than managers and supervisors. You can cut that cost by outsourcing. While you’ll still pay a fee each month for the use of the company, it may be lower than hiring a VP full-time. However, it’s up to you to research and ensure that you’re getting a better deal with an outsourced vice president of sales.

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