Benefits of an Appointment Reminder Service

An appointment reminder service comes with several benefits. Here are just a few of them:

  • Reduce no-shows: Are you tired of having a full calendar and then finding that half of your appointments are no-shows? This is a huge time waster and ties up resources that you could have delegated elsewhere. An automated service sends out a reminder to your clients so they can either accept or reschedule.
  • Contract acceptance: If you charge a fee for missed appointments, some clients may argue that they didn’t get a reminder or a message from your office. With a reminder service, you can be sure that your client got the message via email or text, so there is no discrepancy about charging the fee later on.
  • Effectively Schedule resources: If your client has to reschedule, you can quickly look at your calendar and delegate the necessary resources, instead of having too many staff members on hand, or not enough on any given day.
  • Reduce waiting lists: Reminder notices can help give you notice if a client has to reschedule; this way you can contact other clients and move their appointments up, reducing the wait time for all of your clientele. This results in a more streamlined and efficient office.
  • Clients appreciate the service: Let’s face it – everyone these days is busy and it’s easy to forget appointments. Having a reminder service is a courtesy that your clients are sure to appreciate.
  • Cut down on admin duties: If your staff is bogged down on the phone all day chasing your clients down to remind them of appointments, rescheduling activities and cancelations, they’re not being as efficient as they could be. An appointment service will allow them to get other things done.

An appointment reminder service can be an invaluable resource for both you and your clients, not to mention your office staff.

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