Before You Buy Your Grand Rapids Eye Glasses

Have you noticed you can’t see things as well lately? Maybe you had perfect vision when you were young, but now you are holding things a little bit farther away than you used to, just to see the words clearly. You could be suffering with a common condition called presbyopia, and you may only need to use reading glasses. However, there may be other problems with your vision which you are not aware of. Before buying Grand Rapids eye glasses, for reading or any other purpose, you should consider a complete eye exam and here is why.

Eye Disease

You could have the early stages of several eye conditions and not be aware of it. For example, glaucoma often presents no symptoms in the early stages. However, after your eye doctor dilates the pupils with eye drops, he or she can find problems like glaucoma and other conditions, through various testing procedures.


If you are diabetic you may need more than just new Grand Rapids eye glasses. It is very important to have your vision checked regularly, because diabetes is a major cause of vision problems. Diabetic retinopathy is a common condition which affects diabetics and it can cause blindness if not treated. An eye exam may show problems which can be corrected if found in the early stages.

Other Diseases

The eyes can reveal many different disorders and diseases. For example, not long ago a man in Florida went in for an eye exam and the ophthalmologist noticed a plaque in the man’s eye and ordered a closer exam of his neck. The exam showed a severe narrowing of the carotid arteries in his neck. This problem did not produce any symptoms and was corrected, essentially saving the man’s life.

Before Your Exam

In order to examine your eyes properly, they must be dilated. Afterward, you may have sensitivity to light and you should not drive a car for several hours. Bring dark sunglasses with you and make sure you have a ride home from the doctor’s office.

Get the Best Grand Rapids Eye Glasses

You can buy cheap reading glasses at your local department store but you may be doing yourself a disservice. For one thing, you may have other vision problems which need attention. Plus, once you have a complete eye examination you can get a pair of eye glasses custom made for your face and your vision problem. This will make it comfortable to read and you may not have to deal with issues like eye strain or headaches.

If you want the best Grand Rapids eye glasses for your needs, come to Grand Rapids Ophthalmology. We offer complete vision services for Western Michigan and can take call of all your eye concerns. Visit us online right now at for more details.

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