Beauty And Safety With Glass Fireplace Doors

Glass fireplace doors are ideal when you want to create a beautiful fa├žade for your fireplace and maintain a safe environment and increased fireplace efficiency all at the same time. With the doors closed you can see the beauty of the fire, with the use of a fan built into the fireplace the hot air is distributed throughout the room. Glass fireplace doors in Chicago keep burning embers, flame and smoke inside, providing much needed protection for children, pets and your floor.

Measuring for the doors:

It is important that the doors fit snugly into the opening of the fireplace. When making measurements it is important to determine if there are any dimensional anomalies; measure the width of the opening at the top and again at the bottom. The height should be measured on either side of the opening and in the center. When you are taking measurements look for anything that might interfere with the door function; damper handles, vents for example.

Different types of glass fireplace doors:

There are two basic types of fireplace doors in Chicago:

Cabinet style: These doors swing out when opened; they operate similar to kitchen cabinets
Sliding style: As the term suggests, the doors slide back and forth on tracks

Although there are fireplace doors that use a screen or expanded metal, the better solution is glass. With glass doors your appreciation of the beauty is not interrupted and the airflow is better controlled. Regardless of the cover material, the frames are available in a variety of finishes from highly polished to matt brass.

Maintaining fireplace doors:

There is not much to maintaining fireplace doors. Periodic use of window cleaner and a soft cloth is all that is needed. In many cases the metal frame can be cleaned in the same manner or a metal polish can be used; a word of caution; never attempt to clean your fireplace doors when they are hot.

A beautiful fireplace can be made even more so with the installation of fireplace doors in Chicago. If you are looking for fireplace doors there is no better place than Northwest Metalcraft online at website.

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