Beautify Your Home With Wood Panel Doors

Whether you are building your dream house or remodeling an older home, nothing makes people say “Wow” like beautiful doors. Homeowners and builders alike know that budgeting for unique mill work is money well spent and will pay off in the long run. If you want to set your home apart from ordinary homes, consider installing wood panel doors.

Authentic, hand-crafted doors created with top-of-the-line machinery is not easy to find. If you’ve been door shopping at big-box home improvement stores, you’ve probably only seen mass-produced doors, most of which are hollow-core. While these types of doors have a purpose, they won’t add value or beauty to your custom home.

To get a feel for the difference between ordinary doors and wood panel doors, attend a local home show where custom millwork is displayed, or tour high-end custom homes for sale. You’ll notice the weight and heft of the solid wood, and how nicely they swing open and shut. Of course, every door is even more beautiful if it has unique hardware on it. Rubbed bronze, flat black and glossy silver are excellent choices for a classy, rustic look. While you’re there, examine the grain of different wood species up close and from several feet away, to determine which one is your favorite. Some folks love knotty pine, while others prefer alder or cedar. Keep in mind that each door will be unique, because each one will be the product of a different tree. The color of the stain that you choose makes a difference in the final look as well.

When choosing a company to order your custom wood panel doors from, shop around and do your homework. Your best bet will be a company that has been in business for a long time, employs a labor force of craftsmen, and has references and guarantees to back up their claims. If your home is a rustic style, such as a log or timber frame home, purchasing from a company who specializes in rustic designs will be your best bet.

Once you’ve ordered your wood panel doors, you’ll want to shop around for a contractor to install them for you. Be sure to ask for references before you hire anyone, and verify that they are licensed, bonded and insured.

Wood panel doors are a smart investment when building or remodeling your home. By ordering beautiful doors from a company of trusted craftsmen, you can feel confident that your finished house will be a home to feel proud of. Set your rustic home apart from the crowd by installing wood panel doors.

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