Basic Benefits of Electric Cord Reels Heavy Duty, Medium and Light

Industrial electric cord reels heavy duty, medium and light provide those who must use them with safe, appropriate power and lighting for industrial applications that may be as demanding as their environment is harsh. Available in a variety of sizes, they offer diverse options for mounts. Construction is such that those who rely on them can mount them on or from any of three popular places:

1. Workbench
2. Ceiling
3. Wall

For transporting and/or storing electric cord, it is hard to do better.


Electric cord reels consist of several parts. These vary in size and shape according to application, environment, type, e.g., retracting, and model. In general, they consist of the following:

• Cord reel
• Reel
• Mounting bracket
• Housing bracket
• Cord reel housing attached to the housing bracket.

Different materials are used in construction based on the specific requirements of each application. As a result, electric cord reels heavy duty in design usually consists of steel or stainless steel. For lighter applications, electric cord reels may be available in plastic or even wood.

Four Basic Benefits

Installing electric cord reels heavy duty, medium and light offer their users several benefits. Among the major four advantages are:

• Safety: By using reels, employees provide a no-tipping workspace.
• Efficiency: Cords allow easy access and make it simple to store the cord away at the end of a job.
• Economy: By properly storing and using electric cord, operators can extend the life of the cord. This reduces instances of downtime resulting from frayed or destroyed electric cord.

Electric Cord Reels Heavy Duty and Otherwise

By opting to install electric cord reels heavy duty or otherwise, employers can increase productivity and reduce costly replacement of electric cord. A reel makes it easier to access the cord safely and swiftly. It is as simple to rewind as it is to unwind. Overall, the result of installing such a device makes a workspace safer and more efficient.

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