Basement Repair in Maryland is the Difference between a Standing Home and a Sunken Home

When you find out that you have a problem with your home’s basement, the first thing on your mind is getting it fixed. There are several different forms of basement repair in Maryland to help protect your home and prevent any future foundation problems.


Many individuals use their basement for storage, extra living space, and protection when it storms outside. Any damage to this structure can cause problems to your home and eventually lead to serious issues with the basement itself.


Once you contact a foundation expert, they will perform one of a few different repairs on your home’s basement. Learn more about the repair options below.


Epoxy Injection


An epoxy injection is a waterproofing method that helps keep moisture and water from your basement. Cracks can leak water and this solution is used to prevent that. The injection is made from a resin material and is injected right into the cracks and reaches from the base to the top.


Foundation Piering


Another option for basement repair in Maryland is foundation piering. This process is used in severe situations where a home is sinking or is at risk for sinking. Piers are placed strategically around the home in locations where there is solid and compacted soil. Once the piers are drilled into the ground, your home is lifted onto these piers.


Carbon Fiber Wall Reinforcements


This method is used when your home’s basement walls are bowed in. Carbon fiber wall reinforcements help relieve the pressure that is placed on the walls and alleviates the tension that causes cracks and bowing of the walls.




Often referred to as mudjacking, you may notice that your foundation expert chooses to use this repair method. The process is performed by injecting a grout like material underneath any sunken flooring or concrete in and around your home. The grout fills up the areas where there is no longer any soil and lifts the flooring back to its normal level.


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If you are looking for answers to problems with your basement foundation, call Keystone Foundation Repair or visit them at They offer services to help prevent and fix any type of foundation problems your home may be facing. Do not risk the future of your home and continue making memories today.


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