Baldor Electric Motors: Supporting Safe Food Processing

Founded in 1920, Baldor is currently a member of the ABB Group. Baldor focuses on providing its customers with energy-saving, durable and reliable innovative products. In many food-processing companies in Texas, Baldor electric motors provide them with the drive and sustainability they need to help them maintain an edge in a very competitive industry.

Choosing the Right Electric Motor

In any industry, selecting the right electric motor is important. In the food processing business, the right selection becomes critical. It is essential that a company make the right choice, not only for ensuring the long life of the processing equipment, or for providing viable and effective motive power but also for a more important reason – food safety. It is vital the motor does introduce contaminants into production.

Electric Motors for the Food Industry

The food industry in states such as Texas can be hard on its equipment. It demands not only efficiency but also sterility. Moreover, the toll on machinery, including electric motors can be heavy. Industrial electric motors operate in a harsh and demanding working environment. They must:

* Be able to withstand high and/or low temperatures

* Tolerate pressure washing

* Be easy to install and maintain

* Not gather food particles in crevices or other parts potentially creating hazardous risks

The motors must also meet all State and Federal requirements for safe food processing. Baldor electric motors satisfy such requirements and more.

Baldor Electric Motors for the Food Industry

The Baldor-Reliance team has produced reliable and safe electric motors for the food industry. Recently, the models are becoming more innovative, increasing the ability of the various motors to provide the processing industry with heightened food safety measures. These range from using stainless steel as the material to using design and construction to maximize the integrity, sanitary nature and improved accessibility of the motors.

Among the more common Baldor electric motors in use by food processing plants in Texas are:

* Baldor Motor CWDL3504

* Baldor Motor CDPWD3445

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