Bagel Sandwiches: Origins And Types

If there is one specific food that has retained its popularity over decades, it is the humble sandwich. It crosses cultures and is adaptable to changing trends. For some, the base is two pieces of bread or a role. For others, the best type is a bagel sandwich.

What Is a Bagel Sandwich?

Bagel sandwiches are not something new. They have been around for decades. It was not, however, until the late 1990s, that a bagel sandwich became readily available beyond delis. This food item became popular at specialty shops as well as many fast food joints.

This is no surprise. A bagel can be eaten anytime – breakfast, dinner, evening snack. When you serve it, is not dictated by time nor season. It is, in fact, a very versatile food. A bagel sandwich for lunch is a rewarding meal for any individual residing in West Roxbury on a hot or cold day. What differentiates it is not the bagel itself – although some define bagel sandwiches as the “anything-but-plain” bagels, but the toppings or contents placed between the two sides.

Types of Bagel Sandwiches

Today, you can order a bagel sandwich almost anywhere. What it may consist of or contain will depend upon where you buy it and your preferences. Bagel sandwiches are diverse in what they contain within those equally two sliced parts. Essentially, the toppings may be described or categorized as either traditional or modern.

Traditional Bagel Sandwich

Traditionally, a bagel sandwich had certain limited ingredients. The bagel would be plain white. The toppings consisted of any of the following alone or in combination:

Cream cheese
*  Lox
*  Tomato
Onion – red is often used

This was the common contents for a bagel sandwich for Jewish immigrants in North American cities such as New York and West Roxbury MA.

Variation on the Theme

Today, the toppings of a bagel sandwich are limited only by the imagination, culture and personal taste.  Among today’s toppings are:

*  Cream cheese – of various flavors
*  Eggs – in an omelet or scrambled
*  Cheese – of various types including cheddar and Swiss
*  Ham
*  Peanut butter
*  Jam
*  Apple butter
*  Hummus
Turkey or chicken
*  Roast beef
*  Tuna salad
*  Lettuce
Red onion
*  Shaved carrots
*  Cucumbers

What has also changed is the variety of bagels available for making a bagel sandwich. Plain bagels are still common, but so, too, are ones of garlic, onion, poppy seed, rye, sesame and whole wheat. You can also opt for bagels containing fruit, chocolate chips and bacon bits. All these are available in places as diverse as West Roxbury, MA and San Diego, CA.

The Bagel Sandwich

Whether you prefer traditional or modern bagel sandwiches, you can find them all at specialty shops as well as fast food outlets. While many may be dismayed by the changes, others embrace them. They find new ways to explore and manipulate the very versatile nature of the bagel sandwich.

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